Film Reviews: “Dead Alive” aka “Braindead” (1992)

dead alive

This is more of a gore fest-comedy than a true horror film, and it’s devilishly directed by Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson. “Dead Alive” is a masterpiece. It may be funnier than “Evil Dead 2.” The gags and guts keep coming and it’s all hilarious and clever! I saw an edited cut of this about 10 years ago and didn’t think much of it. Now that I’ve seen it in all of it’s unrated glory, I have to say that it is refreshing to laugh so hard and have so much fun with a film that is “new” to me. Films made today couldn’t evoke half of the grin that this one did. “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland” are the newer and great, but “Dead Alive” is in a league of it’s own. Every frame is planned out and set up for your reaction. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do and make sure it’s the 97 minute unrated version!!!

4.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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