Film Reviews: “Halloween” (1978) & “Halloween 2” (1981)


It’s a Halloween double feature!

First the classic original. Nothing touches this one. It’s the best of it’s kind, without a doubt, the best slasher film ever made. Michael Myers is a phantom-like shark, floating around the neighborhood. You never know when he will strike! The point is to reveal just a little, and then let your imagination fill in the rest. It’s creepy, smart and methodical. The final chase with Jamie Lee Curtis are some of the best crafted horror scenes in any film!

4.0 out 4.0 stars

“Halloween 2” is the perfect sequel. It literally picks up right were the first one left off, and takes place the same night, reacting to the madness of the first. “Halloween 2” is less mysterious than part 1, but amps up the gore and intensity. We follow survivor Laurie Strode, as she recovers in the hospital. It makes for a great eerie backdrop to Michael Myers’ lurking about. All the characters from the original are here including Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis, and they have scores to settle! I like to watch “H1” & “H2” back to back, as they seamlessly feel like one long film. I wish more horror sequels were handled with such care for the details.

4.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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