Film Reviews: “Maniac Cop 2” (1990)


Starring Bruce Campbell and Robert Davi.
Written by Larry Cohen (“It’s Alive 1-3″/ “The Stuff”/ “God Told Me To”)

Bruce Campbell returns as surviving NYPD cop Jack Forrest. Jack thinks that Maniac Cop-Matt Cordel is still alive somewhere. His boss doesn’t believe it and sends Jack to police therapy. Jack attends and sticks to his story. While walking home after the session, Jack stops at a newspaper stand when BLAM a knife shoots out his throat!

18 minutes in and Bruce Campbell is killed off?! WHAT THE HELL!!! What kind of shit is that?! Well, with Jack dead and more bodies turning up, Detective Sean McKinney begins investigating.

The film takes a “Bride of Frankenstein” turn with The Maniac Cop briefly befriending a local nut-job named Turkell. He tells Turkell (psychically?) in a flashback sequence, the story of how he was killed in prison and became a zombie cop. Interesting stuff…

Turkell is reckless and gets himself arrested at a night club, which leads the investigation right to Cordel, or should I say, Cordel right to them!

Overall “Maniac Cop 2” is a step up from the first, with more action, more ridiculousness and an awesome rap song during the closing credits! A fun cheesy movie. I approve.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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