Film Reviews: “Somewhere” (2010)


Directed by Sophia Coppola. Starring Stephen Dorff and Ella Fanning.

This is Sofia Coppola’s 4th picture, the others being “The Virgin Suicides”, “Lost in Translation” and “Marie Antoinette.”

It’s not really accurate to call “Somewhere” a film. It’s moreso a view into a life. In this case, it’s the life of Johnny Marco, a huge Hollywood star.
He parties all night, receives visits from random women, uses drugs, goes to premiers, lives the high life. Divorced, lonely, broken, famous and with enough money to pass the time. There is a human being in there somewhere.

His 11 year old daughter Cleo comes to visit, giving Johnny the opportunity to clean up his act and focus. Make no mistake, there’s no high drama to be found in this film. It’s a series of moments and a glimpse into something very real. A slow burn to make you feel what the characters are feeling, because they won’t tell you. It’s an art form not for everyone. I enjoyed it. Sophia has a great way of catching the most beautiful angle of any given moment. Her intimate perspective is distinct and what makes these kinds of films work. The relationship between Johnny and Cleo felt genuine. Kudos to both actors who undoubtedly drew from experience.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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