Film Reviews: “Win Win” (2011)

Starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan

Giamatti stars as Mike Flaherty, a high school wrestling coach and lawyer with a struggling practice. To make ends meet, he becomes the legal guardian for an elderly and wealthy client named Leo. Becoming guardian means an extra 1,500 dollars a month. Soon after, Leo’s grandson Kyle shows up unexpected from out of state. Kyle is running away from a troubled past and his druggie mother. With nowhere else to go, he stays with Mike’s family, eventually becoming a star on the wrestling team. Weeks later when Kyle’s mom arrives to town, things get complicated. She wants her son back, and to be legal guardian of Leo.

The acting is good in this, especially on Giamatti’s part, but the story didn’t entice me. The first half of the film is slow to unravel the complicated plot, but the second spices things up and does a great job reacting to the film’s events. Without Giamatti though, this film wouldn’t have been much.

2.5 out of 4.0 stars.


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