Film Reviews: “Cold Weather” (2010)


Directed by Aaron Katz and starring Cris Lankenau.

The team who made 2007’s mumblecore flick “Quiet City” return for “Cold Weather”, a mystery about a missing girl.

Doug went to school for forensic science, but dropped out. He reads Sherlock Holmes novels and to pass the time until his next venture, gets a job working at an ice factory.
“They have ice factories?” his sister asks. “Where do you think all of those bags of ice come from?” he responds.

Doug’s ex-girlfriend Rachel comes to Portland for a visit. Things seems to be going well until she doesn’t turn up for a planned event. This gives Doug a chance to dust off his investigative skills, uncovering something that may be too big to handle.

“Cold Weather” is a major step up from Katz and Lankenau’s last outing. Clever, slow paced, and tense where it needs to be, without getting too melodramatic.

It’s interesting to see a film with this kind of story told on a very low indie budget level. In different places I think it helps serve the story but also works against it. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. Some won’t enjoy it, but others will love it. A nice effort from this team. I look forward to their next project.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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