Film Reviews: “The Future” (2011)


Written and directed by Miranda July. Starring Miranda July and Hamish Linklater.

This is an odd film where anything goes. Imaginations run wild and exist, for real. “The Future” is also narrated by a lonely cat named Paw-Paw.

Sophie and Jason live together. They decide to adopt a wounded cat that only has a few months, to a few years left to live. Because of the state of the cat, the couple have to wait almost a month before they can bring him home. Paw-Paw sits and waits and ponders.

Sophie and Jason quit their jobs and start living as if the following month were their last ever. Jason can stop time at will and talk to the moon. He also begins selling trees door to door. Sophie begins an affair with a man they purchased a photo from days earlier.

Much like Miranda’s previous film “Me and You and Everyone We Know”, this one is quirky and weird, but not as happy or fun. It’s actually very somber and at times hard to follow. I do enjoy Miranda’s alternative viewpoint to everything. She can take something as simple as walking through a door, or dancing, and have you looking at it upside down. She is original and thoughtful, two of my favorite qualities in a person or filmmaker.

“The Future” isn’t for everyone. If you enjoy weird, then I do recommend it.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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