Film Reviews: “The Mutilator” (1985)


The prologue: Ed was only a young boy when he accidentally killed his mom with his father’s rifle. The father blamed the boy and hated him for it.

Now, ten years later and Ed is 18 years old, and having a good time with his friends! His father calls to tell him that he wants Ed to fix up the old summer house by the ocean. Ed hesitates, but his friends insist they all go up there for a party. Ed agrees and the six of them road trip it to the summer house.

You can see where this is going…. One by one, as the teens party, they are stalked by “someone” and begin disappearing. What looked to be a fun weekend at the beach, turns into a horrific nightmare. Will any of them survive?!

So this is your basic 1980’s slasher like “Friday the 13th” or “The Prowler.” It’s cheesy, predictable, fun, and with good gore effects. I enjoyed it. There’s some really bad music in it though. An interesting note: This was the writer/director’s only film. I would love to do a video review of “The Mutilator” sometime in the near future.

2.5 out of 4.0 stars.


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