Film Reviews: “The Sleeper” (2012)


“The Sleeper” takes place in 1981 and is a throwback to slashers like “Black Christmas” and “The Prowler” but perhaps even better than those.

Alpha Gamma Theta is looking for new pledges, instead they’ve got someone making creepy phone calls, and stalking the sorority. The situation gets more serious when one of the girls go missing, and bodies begin piling up aroundĀ campus. The boyfriend of the missing girl teams up with the police to try to stop the mad man from killing again.

I really enjoyed “The Sleeper.” The killer is memorable and the creepiest I’ve seen in a movie like this. I felt like I was watching a hidden gem from the 80’s, a true achievement for the filmmakers. A nice balance of low budget cheese, and an entertaining pace. It would’ve been great to see this in the theater. If you liked the throwback flick “The House of the Devil” from 2009, then give this one a shot!

3.5 out of 4.0 stars.


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