Film Reviews: “The Driller Killer” (1979)


Directed by and starring Abel Ferrara.

Reno Miller is an artist working on his latest and greatest painting. He is out of money, struggling to pay the bills, gets rejected by his art dealer, and his neighbors are noisy-playing music all hours of the night! Reno’s stress gets worse and worse, eventually to the point where he goes nuts, buys a drill and takes out his frustrations on society.

While it’s a little slow in the beginning, and unfocused at times, I enjoyed “The Driller Killer.” For 1979 this was some extreme shit! Between minute 50 and minute 60, Reno kills 7 different people wandering the streets. 7 kills within 10 minutes. There’s no question as to why this was banned in the UK for over 20 years!

It’s low budget, raw, and takes some attention, but this film mostly delivers where it needs to. I can’t say that “The Driller Killer” is for the average movie goer, but if you enjoy underground grindhouse style horror, then I say give it a watch.

2.5 out of 4.0 stars.


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