Film Reviews: “Area 407” (2011)


A commercial plane heading to Los Angeles crashes mysteriously within the borders of a creepy government testing area. The small group of crash survivors find themselves hunted in the woods by creatures, and video tape the entire experience.

This is another one of those found footage films, shot from the perspective of a teenage girl and her friend. Miraculously both of them survived the crash, along with a few other annoying people as they trek through the dark, shaking the heck out of the camera!

Several of the actors flubbed their lines or misspoke in scenes and I feel like they should have re-shot those. I guess the filmmakers were going for realism, but every time it happened it took me right out of the film. The acting overall is poor and unrealistic.

38 minutes in, FINALLY the creatures make their presence known. After that, it’s a mess of shaky cam, some cgi reptile tails, and wild stupidity. I actually feel sick after watching this because of all the disorientation. Ugh… Stay away from this mess of a “film.”

1.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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