Film Reviews: “Entrance” (2012)


Suziey is followed closely and intimately throughout her day. She wakes up, feeds her dog, has coffee, walks to work, walks to the bar, comes home, goes to bed. Repeat. Within these daily events exists a tension. Suziey doesn’t allow herself to trust others, and typically people give her reasons not to. She is approached on the street by strangers, and shies away. She is followed by someone in a car, as she walks alone. She hears noises in the middle of the night. Is it all in her head?

The first hour of this film is a slow, tense buildup to the gruesome final half hour. It’s not for everyone. If you have patience and can pick up in the film’s undertones, then you are in for a nervous nail biting ride. I enjoyed it.

2.5 out for 4.0 stars.


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