Film Reviews: “The Nameless” (“Los sin Nombre”) (1999)


Directed and written by Jaume Balagueró.

Claudia is receiving cryptic phone calls from someone claiming to be her daughter. The problem? Her daughter was found brutally murdered 5 years ago. Claudia enlists help from a parapsychologist, as well as the old detective from the murder case, now retired, to help her follow a trail of clues that suggest the daughter may still be alive and in trouble.

Balagueró also co-directed “Rec” & “Rec2.” This is more of a thriller than a horror film, but was still very good. It’s a chilling Polanski style puzzle solver, unraveling the mystery behind the daughter’s disappearance piece by macabre piece.

The difference between this and most films like it that come out nowadays? Emotionally deep characters, and an interesting conclusion, which equals good writing. The mother, the detective and others all have personal private motivations for solving this case. It’s more real on that level. I’m surprised “The Nameless” isn’t more well known. I recommend it.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.


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