Movie Reviews: “Resident Evil: Damnation” (2012)


This is the 2nd full length animated “Resident Evil” feature film, and it is much better than their previous effort “Degeneration”! Much much better.

For starters, the animation is fantastic, gorgeous, and unbelievably detailed. The action scenes were well crafted, inventive and exciting. “RE: Damnation” actually felt like a horror film with TONS of gore, zombies, lickers, and creepy mutations. It’s what “Resident Evil” should be like. It wasn’t just a lame action film.

Now is “Damnation” perfect? No. The story is pretty generic. We follow Leon Kennedy (from the RE:2 & 4 video games) into an eastern European country where he is fighting the Las Plagas infection among other terrors. One good thing about a generic storyline is that you don’t need to see the other films to understand what’s going on. It’s a stand alone movie. All you need to know is who Leon is. Some of the dialog is cheesy, but not nearly as bad as the last film. I’m okay with it in this.

The final act’s action scenes were just awesome! I was gasping and sitting on the edge of my seat literally. I really enjoyed this! Man, the time it must’ve taken to craft those scenes… “Damnation” is much better than the live action films, and is the best thing to come out of the “RE” universe since “Resident Evil 4” the video game. I recommend this!
3.0 out of 4.0 stars.