Movie Reviews”The Legend of Boggy Creek” (1972)


Directed by Charles B. Pierce

“The Legend of Boggy Creek” isn’t a fictitious movie, and it isn’t a documentary. It’s somewhere in between. The film features multiple story reenactments of real reported Bigfoot sightings and attacks in southern Arkansas. In most cases the reenactments feature the actual people involved, not actors, and are shot in the locations of the reports. We are treated to audio bytes, interviews, and voice overs from the witnesses themselves. That’s what makes it feel so real. This film also has gorgeous shots of wilderness put to some sweet 70’s folk music.

This is my favorite Bigfoot/Sasquatch flick and its also the creepiest. The film is similar to Pierce’s other flick “The Town That Dreaded Sundown.” It’s a charming, low budget piece of cinema that has influenced the style of TV shows like Monsterquest, and other paranormal programs. It would be neat to see another film like this get made for theaters.

3.0 out of 4.0 stars.