Movie Reviews: “The Blob” (1988)


I’ve always enjoyed the original 1950’s “The Blob” but today I just fell in love with the 80’s remake! What an awesome movie! The effects are the centerpiece of this film as they are just outstanding & creative. A lot of hard work went into creating the giant slimy unstoppable killing machine.

The script is hilarious, cheesy, and entertaining as hell. Not a dull moment to be had. It was fun to spot actors from other films. For example, the Sheriff in this is played by a much younger Jeffrey DeMunn, Dale from AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” I spotted Jack Nance from “Twin Peaks” & Art LaFleur who looks a lot like the Doctor from the original “Blob.” Hmm…

This blows the original 50’s version away. (Sorry Steve McQueen.) I can’t imagine any studio today even considering remaking it again. You cannot CGI the blob! Once a concept has been fleshed out and made the best it can possibly be, even if it’s dated, it should be left alone to stand on its own for future generations. This is one of those films. A must see. I’m kicking myself for not seeing & enjoying this my first 29 years of existence, but also thanking myself for saving it to see something potentially great this late in life.

4.0 out of 4.0 stars


Film Reviews: “The Hidden” (1987)


Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri, Chris Mulkey, Lin Shaye, and Clu Gulager.

FBI Agent Lloyd Gallagher (MacLachlan) is on the hunt for a space alien serial killer who constantly inhabits new bodies, changing its identity along the way. Gallagher finally knows which the body the alien is in, and recruits a local police detective to help stop the creature before it morphs again. Gallagher reveals that this issue is more than personal to him because the creature killed his partner, his wife and his daughter.

This was a lot of fun. “The Hidden” has it all. Explosions, car chases, guns, emotion, suspense, and humor! This should appeal to just about anyone. Awesome cast and a very smart story. Kyle MacLachlan in particular is great in this, and very reminiscent of his role as Agent Dale Cooper in “Twin Peaks.” Overall, I call this film a big win!

3.5 out of 4 stars.